Since its foundation in the ‘60s by Mr. Vittorino De Tomi and Mr. Dino Bellotto, our company has constantly evolved, becoming today one of the main leads in oil & gas, power, nuclear and mining for MANUFACTURE, WELDING OVERLAY and COATING of industrial valves components.

Starting from solid basis, our DNA has developed and “forged” through decades of activity but it has always been characterized by:

  • strong belief that PEOPLE, HUMAN RESOURCES, are the most important asset, essential to life, growth and success of the company;
  • constant attention to MOTIVATION and STAFF GROWTH;
  • ongoing research to improve CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, through direct communication, attention and desire to solve their needs/problems;
  • continuous studies in technological, product and process INNOVATION;
  • ongoing research in WORK SAFETY;
  • willingness and determination to INVESTMENTS to improve/expand our production activities.

It is therefore essential that our STAFF knows:

  • to work as a team, keeping in mind what they do and why they do it;
  • to work with enthusiasm and pride of being part of our company.

For all these reasons, the Management considers Quality as a key element of its corporate strategy with the MISSION to:

  • promote the engagement of quality at all organization levels;
  • spread and support the effort to satisfy the requirements of the Quality Management System;
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of the System;
  • forward to the whole structure the importance of the knowledge management.

For this purpose a Quality Management System was established according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015.

All staff must respect the requirements of the Quality Manual and the documentation related to it, as well as their own objectives.

Quality policy is translated into a goals and targets plan defined and measurable for the appropriate organization levels.

The Management analyzed the context in which it operates and focused its attention to the needs/expectations of the involved parties.

The Management engages to provide appropriate resources and means to the fixed objectives and targets, in terms of competence, equipment, information, economic and financial resources and a constant monitoring of their adequacy.

Basing its decisions on the analysis of data and information, the management promotes a methodological approach focused on the systematic collection of data and on their precise analysis.

For this reason, the Quality Manager is nominated as the representative of the Management for monitoring, maintaining and improving the Quality System according to the objectives set.

The Management is committed to re-analyze the Quality Policy periodically and to re-examine at least once a year the adequacy of the Quality Management System, giving indications on any corrections and / or improvements to be made to Quality structure.

In order to promote the diffusion and understanding of the Quality Policy, the Management periodically meets with the Function Managers, in order to spread awareness of the role of the individual within the organization.