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Turnkey Kits

Lapping is a key and critical operation, being made either on finished, plated or coated parts. Moreover, it must ensure a perfect and safe tightness at the valve, even for severe service and extreme applications, preferably reducing at the minimum value the Torque force and consequently the valve actuator costs, by means of the accuracy of the surfaces roughness. We have been managing kits to be mate-lapped since decades, either Metal (TC or CC coated) or Soft (i.e.: PEEK insert) Seated, ensuring Zero leakage and/or Bubble tight seal solutions, even for gas applications achieving any Customer or End User requirements regarding surfaces roughness values (i.e.: Ra 0.1 or less).
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We are able to provide fully machined Turnkey Kits for Soft and Metal seated trunnion Ball Valves (side entry, top entry or fully welded), according to customers' design, in any material used for industrial, petrochemical and nuclear applications.
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HVOF Coating

HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) is a high-velocity, low temperature spraying process to apply hard surface coatings. Coating applied through this process increases the durability and improves the performance of ball valves. This process of metallic coating prevents the wear and tear caused by corrosive and/or abrasive action of the fluid transported, protecting all surfaces. The final coating is mainly characterized by high density and high hardness, high bond strength (test adhesive fails before coating), a reduction of any porosity, limited level of surface roughness and high wear resistance.
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We have been performing cladding overlay upon balls up to 56” since 2010, in a full (on all surfaces) or partial (only on sealing surfaces) solution, with the most required types of materials (Inconel 625 – 316LSi – 309LMo, Duplex), ensuring the minimal thickness required (3.0 to 7.5 mm). This process is required to achieve better mechanical properties and to increase resistance to the corrosion. It also represents a cheaper solution than the “integral” one.
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Quality, availability and reliability – in a few words, De Tomi! Our name, De Tomi, has always been associated with unique Premium Quality and our continuous investments focused on improving our globally recognized quality standards.
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Further Services

We work with leading Italian suppliers in order to offer you a wide range of services: Raw Material, ENP, Seat Insert, NDT, Surface Finish
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