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Turnkey Kits

Turnkey Kits

The kit (ball & seats) is the “heart” of the valve: “DE TOMI keeps the valve’s heart under strict control!”


Lapping is a key and critical operation, being made either on finished, plated or coated parts. Moreover, it must ensure a perfect and safe tightness at the valve, even for severe service and extreme applications, preferably reducing at the minimum value the Torque force and consequently the valve actuator costs, by means of the accuracy of the surfaces roughness.

We have been managing kits to be mate-lapped since decades, either Metal (TC or CC coated) or Soft (i.e.: PEEK insert) Seated, ensuring Zero leakage and/or Bubble tight seal solutions, even for gas applications achieving any Customer or End User requirements regarding surfaces roughness values (i.e.: Ra 0.1 or less).


Depending of the final application, the following cases may occur:

  • Metal-To-Metal sealing – ball and seat are mate-lapped together, in order to ensure Zero leakage (ISO 5208 Rate A)
  • Soft sealing – using either the own valve seat or a “fake” seat


Size range

  • 6” to 56”


Lapping Tests

  • Blue test – in order to verify contact uniformity between ball and seat
  • Alcohol test – up to 8 bars, to verify the tightness (no bubble accepted)